Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Sycamore Barks

I am intrigued by these erratic, mottled patterns on the mature Sycamore trees. Sometimes I try to find the shape of Lithuania or the Netherlands for myself, or Ireland or Germany for Mary. Japan is a common sighting. Occasionally West Virginia. Colorado, Wyoming? Doubt it.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Any two trees alike? Any matching patterns? Even a square foot of similarity? Doubt it.

Can you find a pattern for your country? How about my readers in Australia? Surely the U.K. is represented somewhere. What else do you see? What if you looked sideways, or stood on your head? Doubt it.

Camouflage clothes designers should be asking to purchase my photographs. Doubt it.

Here, about 6-8 feet above the ground, thin patches of chocolate-colored bark are flaking off. If I said chocolate-covered, would you try some? Doubt it.

The splotches and blotches diminish in the upper trunk and branches; smoothing out to a pastel-green/creamy-white/faded-celery color. You want me to climb up there for a closer photo, don't you? Doubt it.

This next photo I'd like to give to you. It would make an excellent bookmark; tall, slim, attractive. Or maybe you could enlarge it and wear it. Doubt it.

Wearing psychedelic sunglasses was fun for this next crazy shot:

Doubt it!

These Sycamores were thriving in the rich bottomlands of the Kalamazoo River. Many of them were 42-48" in diameter and growing 80-100 feet tall! In some areas of the country they may live over 500 years! Don't doubt me on this.

Sycamore: Plantanus occidentalis

Photo Location: Allegan County, (Allegan County) Michigan.