Readers' Feedback

"Richard: As always, lovely to just rummage around on such a visually delicious and inspired site. Of your recent pieces, "Only Silence Remains" is my favourite. I love the depth, mood / tone and sensitivity shown here throughout." - Scott Hastie, Published Poet - United Kingdom.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Before and After III

This is the third edition of "Before and After". 

Please enjoy this Botanical sequence of events, brought to you by "Father Nature". I also encourage you to get outside, in all of our beautiful seasons, to make your own discoveries. Perhaps you will be surprised here, as you view this series from flower to fruit. 


Sensitive Fern

fertile fern fronds - spore stalks

Swamp Rose

Swamp Rose - Hips

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1. Jack-in-the-pulpit - (Arisaema atrorubens) - Home Woods

2. Sensitive Fern - (Onoclea sensibilis) - Home Woods

3. Swamp Rose - (Rosa palustris) - Gavin Lake,  Kent County,  Michigan