Monday, December 30, 2013

Silver Bells - Silver Prayers

It's been raining
and freezing,
but the light;
it's always the light
that invites.
So I go outside.

Winter has deepened
into December.
Calm and cold. 
Snow and freezing rain.

Silent in the woods,
except for drops dripping.
A sound so soft
it imitates silence.

A sound
I try to gather
and carry into
a future poem.

Despite dusk pushing
its way into this day,
I walk...

down the wooded slope,
into the foggy wetland,
to discover this gift:

Silver bells
and Winterberry,
and trees inverted,
reflected within
this icy drop.

The looking
and the listening
stills me
within this
calm cathedral.

Silver bells,
like silver prayers,
in quiet gratitude.
©  2013  Richard Havenga

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