Thursday, February 28, 2013

WWFN on Pinterest

This Elegant Trogon has an important announcement:

"In case you haven't heard,  Walk With Father Nature  can also be found in other locations."

"Most likely, you are very familiar with Facebook, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. I've seen him there every time he publishes a new post." 

"For a good, overall, organized look at several of his photos at one time and one place, I can highly recommend  Pinterest.  I will now let "Father Nature" speak for himself."

Thank you Trogon, how "elegant" of you to let me speak. I see you have moved up in the standings: "Viewers' Favorites". You must be very proud of your colors.

Yes, I have joined Pinterest, and have created 21 "Boards" with 250+ "Pins". Update: As of October, 2014... 320 "Pins". PLEASE NOTE: These are ALL MY OWN PHOTOGRAPHS

 You may click to go there now if you like:   PINTEREST 

The categories are:

Richard Havenga Haiku

Richard Havenga Poetry

Walk With Father Nature



Photo Haiku - States










Fragments of Poetry

Hikes We Like

Garden Flowers

Quotes & Scripture

Excellent Excerpts


Please take occasional trips to Pinterest to see a nice arrangement of the photos, articles, stories, lessons, poetry, Haiku, and hopefully, inspiration.

Please understand that these are all my own photographs, and they are copyrighted.
I do encourage you to Re-Pin any items you like, onto your Boards, and share with others. 
Wherever my "Pins" go, the link  to WWFN travels along. 

You are encouraged to comment below any Pin that you like.
Click on any thumbnail photo to enlarge it. Read comments there, and write a comment there. Click the photo again, and it will bring you over to the original post at WWFN.

"Father Nature" thanks you for "Following" and re-pinning at this new location:  Pinterest 

I also have an extensive profile on  LinkedIn  

However, you can always find me (and the Trogon) at  my home base:  Trogon  

What's that you say Trogon?    ........   " I said,  There's no place like home."

"What about me? I'm colorful too, and I carry my own home."


1. Elegant Trogon

2. Flowering Dogwood

3. Pink Lady's Slipper

4. Eastern Box Turtle