Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Journal Entries

November 11, 1982     High 53,  Low 50,  Rain= .80"

"I took a walk in the wet and weedy fields just as it was becoming dusk. This November evening is misty gray and wind is whisking through the trees overhead; their wet, barren branches like bones  clacking against each other.

I hear a roll of muffled thunder in the southwest."

November 17, 1982     High 53,  Low  27

"It may appear to most people to be a bleak and barren time of year, but I like it; trees baring their branches, exposing squirrels' nests, birds' nests, Bald-faced Hornets' nests, and exquisite tree skeletons."

Note the year of these Journal entries.  Thirty years later, you will see the same, if you go out to look.

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Photo Locations

Cascade Township,   (Cascade)  Kent County,  Michigan

Murray Lake,  (Murray Lake)  Kent County,  Michigan

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