Thursday, October 18, 2012



Why do I like the American Beech so much?
Why is this my all-time favorite deciduous tree?

Is it the graceful
(oblong-ovate, accuminate)
shape of the leaf;
arching out from its base
to broaden, then taper gradually
to the narrow tip of its apex?

Is it the slender, delicate twigs; 
zig-zagging slightly,
and bearing tightly wrapped,
perfectly conical,
sharp-as-a-pencil-point buds,
colored a rich, glossy brown?

Is it the coarsely
serrated margin
of the leaf edge,
with a vein terminating
in each  of the short, sharp,
excellent and even teeth?

Is it the fine lines
of green persisting
in the parallel and perfectly
pinnate veins
streaking through
the deep yellow leaf?

All of the above.

American Beech... above all.

Fagus grandifolia... absolutely grand foliage.

To witness the birth of these leaves, see previous post:  "Holding Life"

 (Holding Life)  (June 1, 2012)

Photo Location:  Home Woods