Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Sweet Pea"

"How 'ya doin' darlin' ?"

"Fine, how are you  Sweet Pea ?"

That's a typical greeting between my wife and I. I don't know how long ago my nickname began, but there you go, now you know. Please realize only Mary can call me that. To the readers ... "Father Nature" is fine. A few of you call me Richard. I like that. To the rest of you, I'm Rich. Rich with many blessings.

I've been bringing wildflowers to my lovely wife for most of our 41 years together. Twice this week I've picked these peas. "Thanks Sweet Pea!" Then Mary arranged them beautifully in an antique white vase.

Now don't get on my case for harvesting this nice bouquet. All the wildflower books call this species (Lathyrus latifolius) an alien, so it's not illegal to pick it. Please do not picket my space.

Here's a glimpse of the leaves, in single pairs, with parallel veins.

This shows some pretty Pea flowers with more buds swelling for the future. It's also called "Everlasting Pea".

Can you believe these tender, twisting, twining, twirling tendrils? (Sorry that alliteration was so long)

The flattened "wings" on the stems and petioles are unique.

Here's a fine bunch you can pick for your own "Sweet Pea". (Just don't use that name on me)

  • carry hand-pruners in your car
  • have some water in a jar
  • watch out for poison ivy
  • use caution where you park
  • do not trespass against others
  • surprise your loved one with a bouquet
  • repeat as needed
  • throughout the season
  • for any reason

Photo Location:  Ada Township, (Ada Township) Kent County,  Michigan