Monday, June 11, 2012

Resisting Picasa

Picasa came over last night and started playing with my photographs. We were away from home at the time of the takeover. I thought it was rude for him to intrude. Here's what occurred during the interlude:

We drove up the drive feeling very alive, but before we came in, we walked south from the house to get a better view of the stars away from the cars. We noticed the first of the fireflies flickering in the dark. As we tracked the tracings of the sparks, bizarre, neon-colored lights were flickering through the windows in our library.

Someone was at my computer! I rushed in, grabbing my biggest club from the garage, ready for a serious confrontation. I said, "Dude, not to be crude, but those are my photographs; you could be sued!"

Picasa replied calmly, "I'm not a dude, and I don't want a feud, so please do not preclude me from my work."


"Art", said Picasa.

"Art-schmart!" I was getting angrier. "What are you doing in my house?"

"There's no need to grouse," said the artist.

"Why are we rhyming?"

"Must be our good timing," he said.

Things quieted down for awhile; I told my wife there's no need to dial the sheriff. Former hostility turned into tranquility. During the calm of this interlude, I planned to exclude Picasa from my "Friends" list.

Realizing my words had been misconstrued, we now entered a different mood.

"Okay Mr. Picasa, tell me exactly why you're here."

"I fear this won't be music to your ears," he said, switching gears.

"I can take it," I said, "it won't end my career."

"Your photos are too green, is what I mean, Nature Boy. It could clog your blog. From what I've viewed, I can only conclude, your photos must be imbued with a many-hued variety."

I'm getting mad again. "Variety-sobriety! Stop messing with my pictures!"

"You need some different mixtures," he said.

So as I stepped close we became less verbose. "Let's see what you've done."

"I just had some fun. Share these with your group of viewers."

"It might make them fewer," I complained.

"Don't take these as serious," he said, "it might make you delirious."

Then Picasa urged me and encouraged me to give it a try, and we both decided to let it fly...

Nine Picasa edited.
One I've been credited.

I resisted.
Picasa persisted.