Saturday, June 23, 2012


Didn't everyone's Grandma and Great Grandma have Forget-Me-Nots growing in the corner of a moist, shady garden? Perhaps they grew the Tufted Forget-Me-Not, which is very adaptable to garden soils.

The species featured on this page is the True Forget-Me-Not. The wild one.

I found them in cold, clear water. A barely flowing streamlet, with no defining edges. It began as several springs seeping from a nearby slope (above the "Springhouse"*). Then the springs merged into a slow, meandering waterway; mostly invisible under the dense growth of plants. This streamlet was laden with Water Cress, Sedges, Cattails, and, lest I forget, these tiny blue beauties.

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With my knee boots on, I eased into the deep mat of aquatic vegetation. A heavy dew had settled on all the plants overnight, and these flowers still held tiny beads of moisture.

A slender, weak perennial.
Erect at first,
partially reclining later.
Sprawling upon
Water Cress,
leaning on Sedges.

Sky blue flowers
with yellow center.
Growing on small, curving,
divergent branches.
as flowers bloom.

Flowers: 1/4" (6mm) wide, corolla 5-lobed

Flowering: May - September

Leaves: 1-2" long, oblong, blunt, hairy, mostly stalkless

Height: 6-24"

Habitat: streamsides, wet places; prefer cold, clear water

  • Introduced from Europe and once extensively cultivated.
  • It is now naturalized around streams, lakes and ponds.
  • In bud, the tightly coiled flower cluster resembles the tail of a scorpion, hence the species name (scorpioides).

How did you like it?
Your Grandma loved it!
If you are blessed
with children,
or blessed
with grandchildren...

Please remember
to show them,
(or to grow them)
the Forget-Me-Not,
so they will...

True Forget-Me-Not  (Myosotis scorpioides)

Photo Location:

Wabasis Lake, (Wabasis Lake Park) Kent County Parks, Michigan

* "Springhouse" - On the lower level, 100 yards west of boat launch.
                                A great place for your kids to play in the cold, shallow water.