Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fast and Furious

Are you fascinated by Dragonflies? You may be after you take a close look at these incredible creatures. For many people it's their favorite insect.

You have seen them flying forward at incredible speeds, and watched them change direction in a milli-second. They are also capable of flying backwards, and can easily hover in mid-air. Dragonflies are masterful at snatching insects out of the air while flying at top speed. There is no aircraft that can match the skill and proficiency of this fast and furious insect.

Read more details now, in free verse form:


hemispherical eyes
on jerky, rotating head
hundreds of hexagon lenses
spot insect movements
in multiple directions
ready for instant pursuit


narrow tapered segments
on black jointed legs
for clinging not for walking
barbed with stiff sharp spines
for trapping and holding prey
with secure and solid grasp


wings appear delicate
with transparent membranes
a gauze of finest film
and black netted veins
make intricate design
strength and beauty combine


front edge of wings
reinforced in solid squares
for added strength
during forward flight
fast and furious
patrolling the airspace


multi-colored segments
a long flexible tube
pulsing in and out
spiracles draw in oxygen
a pair of pincers
to grab the mate


middle section anchors
six strong legs
miraculous muscles
move four powerful wings
on rapid-motion hinges
how does it all work?

Dragonfly Species:  Green Clearwing (Erythemis simplicicollis)

Photo Location: Home Garden

To learn about a related species, visit the post:   "Delicate, Dazzling, Damselfly",  found
@ "Walk With Father Nature" August 11, 2012.

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  1. Neat! I saw a doe and a tiny faun walking up our road this morning. I have a pic on FB. So dang cute.


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