Monday, September 17, 2018

The Windows of St Patrick's

While sitting in the wooden pews,
in our beautiful country church,
with the windows open to summer,

I can see fields of corn and soybeans;
rows of apple trees rolling up the hills;
the pastor's stone house built in 1910.

When the sun shines through in any season,
the stained glass windows come alive with color,
bring Bible stories alive for the congregation. 

The wedding at Cana.

The birth of Christ.

Jesus enters our hearts.

His body and blood;

available as we share the bread and wine. 

The Bread

The Wine

We witness his birth.

We witness his death. 

His Resurrection. 

We accept the Holy Spirit living within us.

Focus on the meaning of the crucifix.

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Photo Locations:

St. Patrick's Church of Parnell & Rectory

* All photos © Richard Havenga

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