Monday, August 3, 2015


In loving memory of Richard J. Havenga & Peter Draugalis Sr.

The lake hides its generosity
beneath its reflection;
just like my father,
whose generosity 
was hidden
below the surface.

Left: my Grandfather - Peter Draugalis Sr.  Right: my Father - Richard John Havenga

In the 1950's,
we're sitting 
in his plywood fishing boat.
I can still see
my boyhood face
reflected in his lenses.
"Here, try my sunglasses,
you can see fish down there."

Sure enough,
chunky bluegills
slowly fanning their fins
among the vertical weeds.
A Largemouth Bass, 
suspended and motionless 
above the drop-off,
predator eyes silently surveying
the watery kingdom.  

My father,
with fisherman's eyes
surveys the contents
of the tackle box.
"Here, try this lure,
it always worked
for your grandpa."

Stretching his meaty, muscled hand
over the center seat of the boat,
he hands me the lure;
a wooden flatfish,
pale green, made in the 40's. 

On the oars: My Grandfather. On the 6 HP Elgin: My Father

I reach back,
meeting him halfway,
stretching out my small fingers,
cautious of the treble hooks
dangling down.

blessing the space
between us.

filling the hours,
rising to the surface.
© 2015 Richard Havenga

Richard Havenga ("Dickie" @ 7 years old) with "Jumbo Perch" (14") July, 1955 

Photo Info:

1. left: Peter Draugalis Sr. - my Grandfather, right: Richard John Havenga - my Father

2. Richard L. Havenga  ("Dickie") - age 7 

► Photos courtesy of Lillian (Draugalis) Havenga -  my Mother © July, 1955