Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gifts of Gold

This fresh appearance
of golden arches flowering
signals summer ending,
autumn approaching,
September aging.

Gracefully curving
above stiff stalks
of bunched leaves,
tiny towers topped
with yellow flame.

Admired, desired,
gathered in a vessel
labeled "gifts of gold"
the comfort of memories
to keep, to hold.

Canadian Goldenrod - Solidago canadensis
Smooth Goldenrod - Solidago juncea

Photo Locations

Home Woods 

Townsend Park,  (Townsend)  Kent County,  Michigan  (Michigan)


  1. Love the "gifts of gold." Don't know about that word "aging" attached to my month of September though! P.S. So enjoyed our visit with you and Mary who reminds me of one of my very best friends.

  2. Marcia:

    We also had a wonderful time at your lovely place. Thank you for the gracious hospitality from you and B.

    We are well into the color season here in SW Michigan. I am out with my camera nearly every day, attempting to capture a fragment of God's glory that I find in nature.



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