Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father Nature Quiz # 3

It is prime time for another "Father Nature Quiz". I know it's summer, but the kids need to keep learning; stay fresh as they say. Adults too. You've been around longer; you should know most of these.

All eight of these wildflowers were photographed within two miles of our land. All of them grow in Michigan, and are common throughout the Midwest. Most of them have appeared in previous posts.

And best yet... they are flowering RIGHT NOW !

Ready for the quiz? Number your paper from 1. to 8. You may begin...








Okay. Here's how to enter:
1. Place your answers into the "Comments Section" at the end of this post.
2. Email me directly with your answers; my Email can be found at my WWFN profile page.
3. Blabber it all over my Facebook page so everyone sees your answers:
You may consult Guidebooks, experts, or previous WWFN posts.
Let's get our answers in by the Fourth of July.
At least get outside and try to find these common, yet beautiful wildflowers.
Here is the "Grading Scale" if you really need some encouragement:
Number Correct          Your Title
7 - 8                                Naturalist First Class
5 - 6                                Excellent (recovering Naturalist)
3 - 4                                I'm Pretty Good
1 - 2                                Promising Beginner
0                                     Don't Get Out Much