Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photo-Haiku, Writing Contest 2 - Winners

On December 7, 2012, WWFN held its second "Photo-Haiku Writing Contest"

And the Winners are...

A tie for first place for the Utah photo.

ancient red rocks watch
cloud fingers reach across sky
gather in the blue
by: Sarah Havenga
       Mill Valley, CA

 high rocky hilltop
feathered cloud wisps blessing all
solitary stone
by:  Gene Mariani
        Pittsburgh, PA
 Thank you Gene. You are gracious, and a gentleman.

The Colorado photo Winner:

crescent moon of snow
feeds lush green mountain valley
life-giving water
by: Sarah Havenga
       Mill Valley, CA

I know what you are all thinking. Of course his daughter wins in both categories. But Sarah is truly a gifted Writer.  B.A. in English, from University of Michigan, and a Masters in Education at Aquinas College. She is a superb songwriter, and sings her own songs as she plays them on her guitar. She has written in her personal Journal for 30 years! As you can see, she is more talented than me.

Two Reminders:

1.  More Writing Contests to follow, throughout this year.

2.  Now, early in this new year, is an excellent time to begin YOUR JOURNAL.

See: "Keep a Journal - Preserve a Life"  July 1, 2012 (Keep a Journal)

Photo Locations:

1. Red Fleet Sate Park,  Vernal,  Utah (Utah State Parks)

2. West Elk Mountains Wilderness Area,  Colorado (Colorado Wilderness)