Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Writing Contest Winner !

The "Write With Father Nature" Contest is now over. The judges have determined the winner to be:

Rosie ! Rosie is a friend from Scotland. Not only does she write well, she is famous for her Gardens and knowledge of all things Gardening.

After you read her winning Haiku entry, be sure to visit her site. You will find it in "My Favorite Blogs" in the sidebar: "leavesnbloom" She is also an amazing Photographer.

Rosie selected my fourth photograph from a recent post: "Blue Flags in Wetlands" for her Haiku.
She highlights the "nectar guides" on this Iris.

All etched by nature
Towards the golden treasure
Let me guide the way

Congratulations Rosie!

 Readers: I will have more "Write With Father Nature" contests in the future.


  1. YOU made me blush - I'm not famous at all LOL.

    I enjoyed doing that - I should write haiku more often for my own photography!

    Thanks again Richard and if any of your readers are interested I've got photographs of a red damselfly in it's gradual metamorphis as my latest post on the blog.

  2. Rosie:

    Blush away! I hear it's healthy for the skin. And a sign of true humility.

    I've seen your Red Damselfly. Your photography is absolutely superb!



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