Richard Havenga seeks to make the ordinary extraordinary through close, personal observations of nature. Weaving words of grace and gratitude through the tapestry of his exquisite photographs, Richard shares everyday miracles with the rigorous curiosity of a naturalist, and the immeasurable perceptions of an artist. Richard writes with a supple blend of awareness, curiosity, spirituality, and discovery. Always attentive outdoors, always searching for new epiphanies of beauty, always grateful for the extravagant gifts of creation, he leads the reader-viewer along an inviting trail of words and images; gifts thoughtfully selected, and graciously given. 

Richard Havenga is a writer, nature photographer, poet, teacher, naturalist, speaker/presenter, and author of the blog: Walk With Father Nature.  

He's been married to his loving wife, Mary, for 45 years. They have two children: Sarah and Aaron. Rich and Mary live on ten wooded acres, on a designated "Natural Beauty" road near Cannonsburg, Michigan.

Brighton Ski Area - Wasatch Mountains - Utah

Journey of a Journal - April 2, 2013

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