Monday, June 24, 2019

Music from the String Section

When the morning breeze
plays the spider silk
like a rainbow harp,

what notes are played
but not heard?

How many microns

of silvered filaments

are required for

this sacred music

to create what

only angels and saints
can hear? 
© 2019 Richard Havenga

Photo Location: Dixon, Illinois

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Eyes of Time

The eyes of time
look upon the landscape.

Patient, prevailing.
Carrying out assigned tasks.

Weathered wood aging.
Ancient stone smoothing.

Loyal seasons passing.
Perceptive eyes observing.
© 2019 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

3. Church Rock - Canyonlands National Park - Utah

4. Canyonlands National Park - Utah

Monday, June 17, 2019

Approaching the Altar

From deep within the temple
of this elusive bird's breast,

these liquid notes spill forth
under the canopy of woods.

Shaping a melody memory.
Sounding like a holy hymn.

The song of the Wood Thrush
fills a chalice of praise.

How do I approach
the altar of worship?

With humble gratitude
for His awesome creation.
© 2019 Richard Havenga

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"Song of Grace" ~ May 21, 2014

Play the Wood Thrush song here: Cornell Labs of Ornithology 

Photo Location: Home Woods - Cannonsburg, Michigan 

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Flames hovered over each one of them.

Illuminated by the Holy Spirit,
their heads became the wicks,
their lives became the candles
that brought light into the world.

© 2019 Richard Havenga


Words emerge,
silent as seeds

from fertile soil.

like a sacrament

inside the song
of this soft spring rain.

Stirring new life
into hibernating senses.
© 2019 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. Amboy, Illinois

2. Kent County, Michigan

3. AlamosaColorado

4. Home Fields - Cannonsburg, Michigan

Monday, June 10, 2019

Turkey Vultures

Tilting, turning, trying to adapt;
slicing the air, gauging the gusts.

Turkey Vultures stay for the summer,
riding the winds, searching for carrion.

Ignored by many, disliked by others.
They provide a necessary service.

Circling in the air, smelling decay,
they can detect the remains of the day.

Dropping to the ground,
they locate the carcass.

Then clean up the roadkill,
remove the odor we find obnoxious.

Let us ignore their odd demeanor,
because they make our world cleaner.

© 2019 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,& 10: Kent County, Michigan

8. PatagoniaArizona

9. Corkscrew, Florida

Thursday, June 6, 2019

During Daylight

Driving through the dark,
passing through these prairies,
I try to perceive the vastness;
imagine what I'm missing
beyond this tunnel of headlights.

During the daylight,
paralleling the Platte River
through Nebraska,
broad, bold cottonwoods
tower above the flat land.

During the daylight,
perch on posts;
cast their liquid songs
into the dome of sky.

During the daylight,

crops of corn
germinate, generate
work and income
for men in tractors.

During the daylight,
rusted blades of
deserted windmills
are fixed in position,
stranded in time.
© 2019 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. Hershey, Nebraska

2. Hesperus, Colorado

3. Harmon, Illinois

4.  Hugoton, Kansas

Monday, June 3, 2019

Rinsed by Rain

This morning was rinsed
by welcomed rain,
and now I'm dazzled
by a sun-filled afternoon.

Remnant raindrops
still cling
to the delicate leaves
of sweet clover.

The arching canes
of wild rose
form a necklace
of  luminous pearls.

I accept what is given.
Feel washed from within.
Breathe in the essence
of the moist, living earth.

I sense the presence
of the Holy Spirit,
like a garden growing
within my soul.

© 2019 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. Grattan Township - Kent County, Michigan

2. Townsend Park - Kent County, Michigan

3. Townsend Park - Kent County, Michigan

4. Grattan Township - Kent County, Michigan

Saturday, June 1, 2019

winds calm

winds calm from the north
morning dew shines like diamonds
geometric silk
© 2019 Richard Havenga

Photo Location:

Big Crooked Lake - Kent County - Michigan