Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Apostrophe Catastrophe

Some people's
use of the
is a catastrophe,

but you're not 

among those writers,
because your skills
are more refined.

It's not that hard,
really, to remember
when and where
to hang this
little hook:

dangling up there

joining friendly letters;

taking the place

of i in it's,
it is especially

or shyly

possessing things,
like the poet's words
on New Year's Eve;

or humbly 

substituting itself 
as a contractor 
in word construction,
when other punctuations
can't, or don't,
or simply won't
accept responsibility.

The apostrophe 

has no feelings of  
superiority to its
lower cousin 
the comma,
it's merely 
doing its job,
in the place it belongs,
overseeing things,
bringing meaning
to this lovely language
that's ours.

It is always eager 

to help its letter friends 
become words.
That's why it's there, 
to be useful
to you and yours.

It has always,
always loved
s the best,
don't you agree?

Now that we're 

in agreement,
we are able
to move on,
are we not ?
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Location: Catalina, Arizona 

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