Monday, July 3, 2017

December's Dream

In the morning,
I may go to photograph
the white water lilies
as they display their purity
upon the calm water
of a peaceful pond.

In the afternoon,
I may read some poetry,
or write some poetry
sitting on the deck,
while watching hummingbirds
hovering at the feeders.

In the evening,
I may watch the clouds
diminish with the light
as the ripples on the lake
carry a liquid reflection
for my admiration.

I may observe
a splinter of moon,
a splatter of stars,
and fireflies pulsing along
the dark edge of the woods.

This warm night in July
is what we dreamed of
last December.
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. Wabasis Lake - Michigan

2. Home - Cannonsburg, Michigan

3. Pickerel Lake Park - Kent County - Michigan

4. Home - Cannonsburg, Michigan

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