Monday, April 18, 2016

Readers Write at WWFN

Readers and viewers of Walk With Father Nature:

It's your turn to write. 

After contemplating this photograph, please submit your poem (any length) or Haiku (5-7-5 format). 

Click to enlarge.

Place it in the comments section at this site, on my Facebook page, or preferably, by email:            subject heading: "Submit"

The winner will become a guest blogger at WWFN , and the winning entry will be posted at:

Good luck. Good skill. 
Take your time. 
Be inspired. 
Be receptive. 


Richard Havenga

And the winner is...

Tom Conley - Denver, Colorado
Here is Tom's poem:

I Know This Place

A place where my body can rest
A place where my soul can be blessed
A place to worship my Lord
A place so loved and adored

It is here where I can wipe away my sin
It is here that with God I know I can win
It is here I will always find peace
It is here with prayer my pain will cease
© 2016 Tom Conley

Congratulations to Tom Conley, who has visited this historic church in Colorado, and promises to return again.