Monday, November 23, 2015

Walter Wangerin Jr.

"As a writer, I think it is my job to seek God in the common things; indeed, to believe that God is already in the common things ahead of and outside of me. This happens in three ways: first of all, to see the glory of God in the world, to perceive it, to find it,  sometimes to be stunned by the discovery of it when I hadn't been looking well enough. Second, having perceived it, to acknowledge it, to salute it, to be aware of it, to know it, to dance with it, to think about it, to engage with it — and having engaged with it, to give that glory back to God. The third part involves writing — or maybe I should say praise. Ultimately, it is my job to praise." 

~ Excerpt from: "Glory into Glory" presented at the "Festival of Faith and Writing" at Calvin College - Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2000.

Next event: Festival of Faith and Writing - April 14 - 16, 2016   @ Calvin College

Photo LocationGrand Detour, Illinois