Monday, July 6, 2015

Soft Parade

along this trail of words,
alert among present circumstances,
into secret chambers
of spring wildflowers.

The red and yellow crowns
of Wild Columbine,
and the perky
Blue Flag Iris,
its feet wading
the edge of wetlands.

Wild Geraniums and Honeysuckle
of May
begin to fade away
as Sweet Clover 
and Cinquefoil
take the June stage.

Walking outdoors through
transitions and transformations,
continuous changes,
daily differences,
miracles by the moment.

Will you witness
this pageant of natural beauty?
Will you observe
this procession of creation?
Will you join this
soft and silent parade?

Is there time
in one of your days
to follow 
this trail of words,
to enter 
these secret chambers? 
© 2015 Richard Havenga

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