Monday, May 18, 2015

Found Poetry

Often, when I'm reading prose, (usually creative non-fiction, and nature-related essays) I discover during the re-reading, that some sentences and passages sound very much like poems. I know this is nothing remarkable to writers and readers, but it happens with such frequency in my reading, that I've decided to begin a new category at my blog and call it:

"Found Poetry"

My first example comes from one of the best non-fiction writers of the past few decades; an author in the top five of my all-time list of favorites. Her name is Diane Ackerman.

The following passage is from Dawn Light (Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day) by Diane Ackerman. 

"Then the canvas of our awareness fills with a vastness so ancient, astonishing, and visceral that we can neither understand nor turn away from it because it speaks a dialect of bone, whispers through our cells with revelry and relief about the joy of finding oneself alive, again, on one more morning, as night sails off, replaced by a floating world of color and birdsong." - p. 51

Dawn Light - © 2009 Diane Ackerman

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