Thursday, September 11, 2014

Through the Ears

Birdsong in the morning
helps to launch the day;

gives character 
to the hours;

invites attention
through the ears;

increases interest
through the years.

©  2014  Richard Havenga

CLICK on photos to enlarge.

Photo Locations

1. Indigo Bunting - Egypt Valley State Game Area,  Kent County,  Michigan

2. Bobolink - Allegan State Game Area,  Allegan County, Michigan

3. Common Yellowthroat - Wabasis Lake Park,  Kent County,  Michigan

4. Wood Thrush - Home Woods -  Cannonsburg,  Michigan

CLICK the links below to hear the Songs and Calls from Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

1. Indigo Bunting

2. Bobolink

3. Common Yellowthroat

4. Wood Thrush