Monday, July 7, 2014

"The Wind in the Willows" - Excerpt

"The Rat was a self-sufficing sort of animal, rooted to the land... still he could not help noticing what was in the air, and feeling some of its influence in his bones.

It was difficult to settle down to anything seriously, with all this flitting going on. Leaving the waterside,where rushes stood thick and tall in a stream that was becoming sluggish and low, he wandered countrywards, 

crossed a field or two of pasturage already looking dusty and parched, 

and thrust into the great realm of wheat, yellow, wavy, and murmurous, full of quiet motion and small whisperings. 

Here he often loved to wander, through the forest of stiff strong stalks that carried their own golden sky away over his head--

a sky that was always dancing, shimmering, softly talking; or swaying strongly to the passing wind and recovering itself with a toss and a merry laugh."

Excerpt from: The Wind in the Willows  © 1908, Published 1913  (Chapter 9: "Wayfarers All")

by Kenneth Grahame  (1859 - 1932) 

Photography © 2013, 2014  Richard Havenga