Friday, February 7, 2014

May You Walk

May you walk through woodlands white with Trillium. 

May you walk through fields purple with vetch.

May you walk in the under-story green with Mayapple.

May you walk in the dunes tan with sand. 

May you walk in wetlands cinnamon with fern.

May you walk through the seasons of your life attentive and alert, with a joyful sense of gratitude. 

Photo Locations:

1 - 3  Ada Township,  Kent County,  Michigan (Michigan)

4 - 5  Home Field,  Kent County,  Michigan

6 - 8  Home Woods,  Kent County,  Michigan

9 -  Great Sand Dunes National Monument,  (Dunes)  Colorado  (Colorado)

10 - Whitefish Point,  (Whitefish)  Paradise, (U.P.)  Michigan