Monday, September 17, 2012

The River Singing

The River Singing

Looking upstream
to the future
rushing at you
like time
flowing forward.

Or hearing the
liquid music
from the river
asking no questions.

Or listening to the
current carrying
messages mingled
with the turbulence
of traumatic events.

Or common patterns
moving unnoticed
below the surface
appearance and
daily flow of life.

Or restless water
splashing mist
into the light then
fading away in
whispers of memories.

Or swirl and
surround and
plunge over rocks
holding fast
to firm foundation.

Or gather along
shallow shoulder
of smooth water
to soothe the soul
and find contentment.

While listening to
the river singing
with a voice
accepting its course
in this place.

Where it belongs
within the power
of this lyrical landscape
of  faith and confidence
carrying the chorus


Photo Location:  Blackfoot River (Blackfoot),  Montana