Sunday, June 9, 2013

" the dewfall"

Painting a poem;
searching the silence
for words
worthy of what the soul feels.

Gathering the grace;
accepting the gifts,
recognized and
fanned into flame.

Praying the prayer;
seeking the Spirit's
within this humble heart.

Giving the glory;
trusting our God,
knowing his will,
we follow the path.

Finding the words;
during the stillness of dawn
on leaves of grass,
gathered like the dewfall.

© 2013 Richard Havenga

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Photo Locations:

1.  Gavin Lake,  Kent County,  Michigan
2.  Blue Springs Reservoir,  Utah  (Utah
3.  Grand Mesa National Forest, Colorado  (Colorado)
4.  Home Woods
5.  Home Woods
6.  Gavin Lake,  Kent County,  Michigan  (Michigan)