Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gift of Green Days

Formerly frozen
soil of winter
now packed dense
with green leaves and grasses
with green shrubs and vines
crowding the competition
like green hands and fingers
like green arms and wings.

Seeking precious energy from sunlight,
absorbing warmth from this warm season.
Roots reaching, probing, secretly
sipping mineral water from fertile soil.

Millions of green cells breathe silently
during the miracle of photosynthesis.
All created to produce this gift of growth.

Living with a sense of marvel.
Being fully available to life.

Feeling the presence of Spirit.
Seeing with eyes aware and alert.

Gathering moments
with the patience of time.

Filling with gratitude for
this gift of green days.

© 2013 Richard Havenga

Green List:

1.  Cattail - Typha latifolia
2.  Wild Grape - Vitus aestivalis
3.  Solomon's Plume - Smilacina racemosa
4.  Yellow Pond Lily - Nuphar variegatum
5.  Sweet Pea (Wild Pea) - Lathyrus pratensis
6.  Staghorn Sumac - Rhus typhina
7.  Sensitive Fern - Onoclea sensiblis
8.  Fragrant Water Lily - Nymphaea odorata

Photo Locations:

1.  Wabasis Lake Park,  Kent County,  Michigan
2.  Grattan Township,  Kent County,  Michigan
3.  Stony Lake,  (Stony) Oceana County,  Michigan
4. Pickerel Lake Park,  (Pickerel)  Kent County,  Michigan
5.  Ada Township, (Ada)  Kent County,  Michigan
6. Cadillac,  (Cadillac)  Wexford County,  Michigan
7.  Wabasis Lake Park,  (Wabasis) Kent County,  Michigan
8.  Pickerel Lake Park,  Kent County,  Michigan