Thursday, June 22, 2017


gulls riding the wind
white as angels in the air
their cries pierce the sky

© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

Monday, June 19, 2017


How to translate
the chaos of the wind,
when it thrashes
these solid, old oaks.

Only yesterday
it stroked
the infant leaves
with a warm breeze
gentle as a mother's touch.

Now the tall trunks
are wavering, swaying,
the rigid limbs rocking.

The intensity of the wind

testing the architectural design
of these living pillars,
testing the integrity
of these solid old oaks.
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. Home Woods - Cannonsburg, Michigan

2. Minooka, Illinois

Monday, June 12, 2017


washed by Great Lakes waves
these precious, persistent stones
jeweled by the sun
© 2017 Richard Havenga 

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

National Treasure

The longer I linger
in this sandstone canyon,
the silence that surrounds me
grows wider and deeper.

I'm walking inside a treasure

that you would treasure.

More than a national park,

more than another colorful
geological feature in Utah.

I am wrapped within a blessing;

engaged, enthralled, entranced.

Wanting to hold on to this feeling.

Needing to share this blessing. 
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Location:

Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah

Monday, June 5, 2017

Lifts with Wings

A life,
unlike our own,
lifts with wings
above the dusk.

Gray upon gray,
as evening yields
with a sigh from
diminishing winds.

Heron lifts with wings
above the dusk;
finds a firm branch
to spend the night.

A life,
high enough 
for dreams
to be lifted. 
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Location:

Rogue River ~ RockfordMichigan 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

dancing with boulders

breath from the river
visible as silver mist
dancing with boulders
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Location

Arkansas River - Buena VistaColorado

Monday, May 22, 2017

Green Mansions

I walk into these woods;
green upon green,
shade upon shade,
under a summer canopy,
inside a living tapestry,
with Spirit voices singing:

"In my father's house
are many mansions." 
John 14:2
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Location: Home Woods - Cannonsburg, Michigan 

Friday, May 19, 2017

changes in the light

In every season
he was always attuned to
changes in the light.

© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo LocationGrand Teton National Park - Wyoming

Monday, May 15, 2017

Entering the Twilight

Entering the 
twilight of my life,
I'm walking through
mountains of memory,
searching for treasures
to be illuminated,

slowing down

for a longer look.

Following this path

I'm now on,
pursuing my passion
for the word;
spoken to me
and through me.

Pulling something

from the invisible;
making it visible.

Drawing something

from the silence
to let it be heard.

Accepting the invitation

to praise
his creation.

Using these gifts

to give the glory
back to God.

Pouring humble words

onto this page
from the vessel
of my soul.
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. & 2. Grand Teton National Park - from: Moran, Wyoming

Monday, May 8, 2017

Heaven's Door

Purity unfolds;
is revealed
as a curved white cross,
a shallow chalice;
petals streaked
with a drop of blood.

From the understory,
dogwood blossoms
reach for blue sky,
for life-giving sun,
before dense leaves
crowd the canopy.

Before the petals
to the earth.

Before the knock
on Heaven's door
can be answered.
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations

1. & 2. Ada Township - Kent County, Michigan

3. Vergennes Township - Kent County, Michigan

Friday, May 5, 2017

Angel Voices

When I close my eyes in church,
at the Friday morning mass,
the transparent voices
of the children's choir
mingle with the 
voices of angels.

And the people
in the pews 
at St. Patrick's
are praying:
"Let us rejoice
and be glad!"
© 2017 Richard Havenga
Psalm 118:24

Photo Location:

St. Patrick's Church - Parnell, Michigan

Monday, May 1, 2017

See More

This morning
I plan to drive 
the country roads
in my old pickup;
scanning fence posts
and barbed wires for
the sun-yellow breast
of the Meadowlark.

It's a worthy goal to pursue,
on this fine Saturday morning
with nothing better to do.

Would you like to ride along?

Grab your binoculars, let's go.
Together, we can see more.
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. & 2. Western Meadowlark - Marvel, Colorado 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Soulful Regrets

I was inspired to write this poem after viewing this photograph by Julia Thomas titled: "Soulful Regrets". 

He belongs
on this Chicago street
like a chiseled sculpture
belongs in an art museum.

His memories
now hidden
among the creases
and the shadows.

Long days in black and white
that never quite attained
the colorful dreams
of his youth.
© 2017 Richard Havenga

for Julia Thomas - Photographer

Monday, April 24, 2017

Gestures of Dawn

gestures of dawn
paint a watercolor sky
above the new horizon

the pulse of the earth

with signatures of spring
reach toward heaven

mystery still lives
like the invisible stars
of daylight

the language of praise
echoes the past
embraces your heart

exposes your soul

expresses your voice
arranges the words

in the language of God

© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations

1. Bushnell, Florida 

2. Home Woods - Cannonsburg, Michigan 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Book of Songs

The pulse of the earth
is quickening.

Old trees creating
new leaves each spring.

Returning warblers

open their book of songs.

Every April our inheritance
is renewed.

Time again to celebrate

victory over winter.

Old trees with new creation
in their branches.

Holding birds that sing

with triumph in their songs.
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. Silver Maple - Chief Hazy Cloud Park - Ada, Michigan

2. Blue-winged Warbler - Goodwillie Environmental School - Ada, Michigan 

3. Tamarack - Ada Township Park - Ada, Michigan

4. Indigo Bunting - Cannonsburg State Game Area (Egypt Valley) - Cannonsburg, Michigan

Monday, April 17, 2017

Warmed by Words

As you sit here
with these lines
flowing over you,

may you be warmed

by these words
like the welcomed sunshine

of early spring

warms the skin
on your grateful face.
As you walk outside,
whether in mountains or meadows,
may a stream of blessings
wash over you.

May your eyes be young again

so you will recognize
the daily invitations
that secretly surround you.

May you become an earthen vessel
filled with creativity and awareness,
mindful of sharing these sacred gifts
with illuminated reverence and gratitude. 

© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. Canon Township - Kent County, Michigan

2. Santa Catalina Mountains ~ TucsonArizona 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sweet Syllables

I am listening
to the sweet syllables
of the Song Sparrow
spilling from the spruce;

spending his energy
on every note
as if it was
his last.
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Call of the Song Sparrow from Cornell Labs

Photo Locations: Home Woods - Cannonsburg, Michigan

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Open Hand of God

Taste the delicious light
this lucent day in April.

Smell the soil coming alive

from overnight rain showers.

Hear the chorus of birdsong

rise like secrets from the woods.

See the tapered tree buds

swelling with vigorous life.

Touch the open hand of God

with gratitude for creation. 
© 2017 Richard Havenga

Photo Location:

Shagbark Hickory - Home Woods - Cannonsburg, Michigan

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Harvest of Riches

April 2 is a very meaningful date in my life for three reasons:

The birthday of Aaron Havenga, (April 2, 1975 ~ November 20, 1994).

The 42nd anniversary of my Journal (April 2, 1975 ~ present)

The fifth anniversary of: Walk With Father Nature (April 2, 2012 ~ present)

I title this anniversary post "Harvest of Riches" because I want to gather into the storage barn...

... a bushel of my favorite poems from recent years. It was difficult to choose from the 340 poems stored securely within these stone walls, but please open these old doors, and read the twelve favorites this old poet has harvested from the archives... (Click on the highlighted titles to go to that post)

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Thank you to all of my loyal viewers, and to those who have recently arrived. I hope you will explore the hundreds of entries in the TOPICS section, and search the ARCHIVES through the 600 posts I've written over these five years. 

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Richard Havenga