Sunday, June 19, 2016

Grace Notes

This morning breeze
whispers in the woods,
then the wind 
becomes more ambitious
as a stratus blanket 
grows in the northwest,
signaling a summer shower
coming soon. 

Among the far-reaching branches
of Sugar Maples and White Oaks,
where sunlight touches their tips,
Redstarts are flitting
orange and black,
orange and black,
along the wall of green.

Just now a Veery.
a Veery!
Calling from within
the density of green.

I wait.
I listen.
He appears.

His sweet song
showers me
with grace notes.
I feel immersed
in a pool of serenity.

I want to take
all of this
with me,
and give it 
to you.
© 2016 Richard Havenga

Listen to the call of the Veery from Cornell Labs: 

Veery Call

Photo LocationsWabasis Lake Park - Kent County - Michigan