Saturday, April 2, 2016

Your Voice

In loving memory of Aaron Richard Havenga 
April 2, 1975 ~ November 20, 1994

Now, after two decades,
it's difficult to recall
the precise and precious
sound of your voice.

The relentless passage of time
has muted from my memory
the sound of your spoken words;
like sand accumulated on the shore,
like songs of birds gone for the winter.

When I'm outdoors,
I still sense your presence:
on a hiking trail, your easy pace;
your long stride when running a race;
the kind eyes that warm your face;
your admiration for a mountainous place.

When I write about you,
my eyes still burn
with tears that confirm
my love for you.
Is this a sign that verifies
a brief, but true connection?

The day sky still arches above,

as when it brightened your way,
but the deep longing lingers.

The constellations remain the same,

as when they amazed your nights,
but the loss becomes a suffering love.

Familiar birds return each spring,
but the sound of your voice...

A precious gift
has been lost.
© 2016 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. Beverly Beach State Park - Newport, Oregon 
2. Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming
3. Allegheny National Forest - Pennsylvania - 1994


  1. Your son walks with you every day and has become a part of all you write and photograph. He is the beauty that is inside of you. Thank you for sharing your son with us this day and always.

    1. Leslie: Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. I am proud to share Aaron with my readers, and comforted by your perception.


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