Friday, August 29, 2014


The grassy fields are fading,
greens to browns, paling.

becoming brighter,
showy in August,
dominating September.

Long, sunny days remembered,
as hints of autumn appear.

Sumac collecting color,

from a palette like no other. 
©  2014  Richard Havenga

Click on photos to enlarge.

#1, #3, #4 Canada Goldenrod - Solidago canadensis

#2 Showy Goldenrod - Solidago speciosa

#5 Smooth Sumac - Rhus glabra

#6 Staghorn Sumac - Rhus typhina

Photo Locations:

1. Wabasis Lake Park, (Wabasis) Kent County, Michigan

2. Townsend Park, (Townsend) Kent County, Michigan

#3,  #4. Home Woods 

#5. Home Garden

#6. Parnell, Michigan