Friday, January 24, 2014

Poetry of Plants

A large portion of my work deals with the intricacies of nature; particularly the unique, often overlooked  details of wildflowers and common plants of the forests and fields, wetlands and meadows. You  have read many short lessons in Botany here at WWFN. You have witnessed my observations turned into poems.

The "Poetry of Plants"  is a collection of some of my poems, selected for this theme.

Click on the link below each photo to see the nominations, and to read them in their entirety. Then return to this list for more. Or, you could read one a day, for five days. 

For recent viewers, these may be new to you. For loyal followers, it's a look back.

I hope you enjoy the selections I've chosen for this short anthology called:

"Poetry of Plants"

 October 18, 2012

July 10, 2012

The Baptism
May 16, 2013


Lichen on Lava
December 5, 2012

Photo Haiku - Tree Series 2
May 2, 2012

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Plants are identified in each post.

Photo Locations are described in each post.